About FEST

FEST is a brand from Guangzhou RongChuan Electric Equipment Limited Company

Guangzhou Rongchuan Electrical Equipment Co.,LTD. established in 2011, is a manufacturer of full set machine for commercial bubble tea machines series,  mixer and bakery machines, meat processing machines. All machines are stock items, shipped via DHL, fast dispatch.Stamp/engraved logo available, if emergency, call +86 13725368698(Jason), begin your profit business!

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Room 1102b, 11 / F, No. 2, Xiajiao Commercial Building, Xiajiao Subway Entrance, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Phone: +86-137-2536-8698
Email: fest@gzrongchuang.cn

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Monday-Saturday 8:30-18:00 am

Bubbble Tea Machines

Bubble tea machines include cup sealing machine, can tin canning machine, tapioca cooker, milkshake machine, bubble tea shaker machine, electric water heater, steam water boiler, foam steam hot and cold water heating machine, ice maker machine, ice crusher, smoothie blender, juice and muti purpose mixer blender, fructose filling and dispenser, thermal, cups, straws, films and others. one-stop buy from FEST.

  • customized serivice
  • plug/voltage/logo/language/printing customized
  • minus order quantity is 1 pieces

Meat Processing Machinery

It includes the meat bone saw machine, frozen meat slicer, fresh and frozen meat slicer grinder, and meat mixer grinder.

Bakery Machines

It includes professional dough mixer, multfunction food mixer, bread fermenter, electric bakery oven, professional pizza oven.